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So that you can enjoy the best coffee, the way you want to drink it, at The Warbird Coffee Company we believe that providing grind options is key.

We have 6 options to choose from for each coffee;

Whole Bean - As the name suggests, these are the coffee beans in their original form after undergoing the roasting process. This means you can grind them to your preferred size depending on how you brew your coffee.

French Press - The French Press or Caffettiera grind is coarser because of the longer steep times when brewing the coffee.

Filter - This grind type is perfect for a drip filter machine.

Espresso - A very fine grind size to enable the water to pass through the grinds quickly to make that perfect shot of coffee.

Aeropress Coarse - The Aeropress Coarse is suitable for those who want to allow for a longer steep time when making their coffee using the Aeropress.

Aeropress Fine - Similar to the Espresso grind, Aeropress Fine is a smaller grind to allow for variations in making your perfect coffee with an Aeropress.

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