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The Warbird Coffee Company has a clear objective. That is, to give back to those who work so hard preserving our aviation heritage from The Second World War. These aircraft are unique reminders of a time when young men and women would place themselves at the mercy of the enemy and all too often made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.
The Warbird Coffee Company acknowledges the countless hours that go into maintaining the aircraft in an airworthy condition and we do this through partnerships with the owners and operators. Every time a partnered product is purchased from The Warbird Coffee Company, you will be directly contributing to that aircrafts upkeep and running costs, or helping fund the restoration of it. In doing so it is hoped we can all continue to enjoy these magnificent Warbirds for generations to come.

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The aircraft we're striving to support

Sally B Coffee


The Sally B is Europe's last airworthy B-17.

Sally B has graced UK skies for over 45 years and flies as a tribute to the men of the United States Army Air Forces of World War 2 who faced daunting odds in an effort to defeat a determined enemy. Now more than ever it is vital she remains airworthy and continues this mission for future generations. 

Sally B - Europe's last airworthy B-17

Century Coffee Masters Of The Air


From June 1943 to April 1945 they would fly 306 missions and lose 757 airmen. Through their sacrifices they earned the nickname ‘The Bloody Hundredth’.

Century Coffee is our tribute to the brave men of the 100th Bomb Group and the mighty Boeing B17 Flying Fortresses they flew from Station 139 - Thorpe Abbotts. Every bag purchased directly supports the 100th Bomb Group Foundation and The 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum.



String Bag Coffee.


Navy Wings exist to Educate, Inspire and Remember the achievements of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm from the past 100 years.

Notably during The Second World War, many Fleet Air Arm Squadron's were comprised of the Fairy Swordfish torpedo bomber. Navy wings, owns and operates 2 of these magnificent aircraft and we have proudly partnered with them to create Stringbag Coffee. 

Just Jane Lancaster Coffee


The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre are the proud owners of Avro Lancaster NX611, 'Just Jane'. On a mission to return her to airworthy status as a flying tribute to the 55,000 men of Bomber Command, they need your help in this incredible undertaking. 

As part of our commitment to preserving the aviation heritage of the UK, we have Created Lancaster Coffee and Lancaster Tea, both of which contribute directly to the restoration efforts of 'Just Jane'.

Intruder Coffee


Our “Intruder” coffee is a collaboration with our friends at “The Peoples Mosquito”, a team dedicated to getting a “wooden wonder” back into UK Skies. Based around the remains of RL249, a Mosquito NF.36, this unique project has a tough task ahead, in building the aircrafts famous timber airframe entirely from scratch using original methods.

In creating our collaboration with the TPM team, we here at Warbird Coffee are proud to be helping another Mosquito to return to where it belongs.

Night Fright Coffee


The restoration of the C-47A Skytrain, known as Night Fright, is a unique and exciting project to bring back to flight an aircraft with a distinctive history. As part of the 436th Troop Carrier Group flying from RAF Membury in England, the aircraft was involved in dropping Paratroopers or towing Gliders in the final four major Airborne Operations of WWII.

Perhaps most uniquely, this aircraft will be based at its former wartime airfield of Membury, perhaps the only flightworthy warbird on the planet to do so.

For more information, head to the Night Fright website.

Bottisham Four Coffee
Wacky Wabbit Coffee


T6 Harvard Ltd own and operate AJ841, a T6 Harvard with the distinctive and very popular ‘Wacky Wabbit’ nose art. T6 Harvard Aviation offer Warbird flights as well as a range of aircrew training packages for conversion on to tail draggers. ‘Wacky Wabbit Coffee’ has been created to support AJ841 so that it can continue to act as a vital part of the Warbird community.

To experience the thrill of flying in this iconic aircraft, you can find the details here.


Bottisham Airfield Museum was founded in 2009 by a dedicated team of volunteers to recreate the home of the 361st Fighter Group of the 8th USAAF.

Today the museum is home to an amazing collection of 361st artefacts and stories and even a P-51D Mustang!

Bottisham Four Coffee takes its inspiration from the famous series of photographs taken on the 26th July 1944 and is arguably one of the most famous series of Mustang photos taken during WW2!

Bottisham Four Coffee is only available from the museum and details can be found here.

5GRAND COFFEE LABEL_v2_edited.jpg


The 96th Bomb Group Museum UK is dedicated to preserving the memory of the men who flew from Snettisham Heath in World War 2.

Today the museum and stunning memorial to the men of the 96th BG acts as a lasting tribute to those who flew and fought from there.

In partnership with the 96th Bomb Group Museum UK, our 5 Grand Coffee is named after the 5,000 B-17 to roll off the production line at Boeing's Seattle Plant in 1944!

5 Grand Coffee is a single source bean from West Africa with a vibrant character!

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